Good Evening IASCOE Members & Indiana Employees:

I hope everyone had the chance today to take time and listen to the 61st NASCOE National Virtual Convention.

Tomorrow, after the programs Q & A, Indiana will be inviting everyone to attend the 62nd NASCOE National Convention in Ft. Wayne, Indiana August 2 – August 8, 2021 and the hotel reservations link will be live.

Since NASCOE did not have a face to face national convention this year, we could be hosting a very large national convention next year. If COVID is under control by then, this could be HUGE! It is imperative that Indiana employees book their rooms immediately. Please click the link below to reserve your hotel room. Since we are hosting the convention, we have defaulted the dates from 8/2/21-8/9/21.

Book your group rate for National Association of FSA County Office Employees

I would suggest everyone from Indiana to click the link and book your room either tonight or tomorrow morning before the national programs Q & A. After IASCOE presents on tomorrows call, the reservation link will be live. I know, I know it’s a year away. I would say book this now to be safe and secure yourself a room. THEN….. If you need to cancel later, we will ask you to contact Jamie Garriott and myself. DO NOT CANCEL YOUR ROOM if you make a reservation. We want to make sure there are enough rooms for everyone attending. If we let rooms go, we could lose them for good.

Repeat, if you book a room now, then decide you need to cancel later, contact Jamie Garriott and myself.

Thank you all for everything!

I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Chris  Hare ,
IASCOE President