Important information for IASCOE Members:

If you are attending the National Convention in 2021, download the Expense Claim Form, HERE.

District 1:

Morgan Thornburg, CED

Dan Ford, CED

Melanie Campbell, PT

Danette Oswald, PT


Diane Schuerich, CED

Tara Wolfe, PT

District 2:

Tracey Clifford, CED

Lacey Poppe, CED

Jenny Brosius, PT

Jake Taylor, PT


Elonda Shirmeyer, CED

Deana Kitts, PT

District 3:

Jared Thomas, CED

Chris Hare, CED

Leah Hood, PT

Brad Helbert, PT


Brittany Shepherd, CED

Susan Smith, PT

District 4:

Traci Merida, CED

Abi Armentrout, CED

Sissy Adkins, PT

Mary Apple, PT


Holly Plank, PT

District 5:

Lisa Hollars, CED

Tracy Soliday, CED

Janice Acree, PT

Summer Ray, PT


Lacie Deputy, CED

Barb Ward, PT

District 6:

Janet Ault, CED

Samantha Fleenor, CED

Beth Gudorf, PT

Lois Lee, PT


Katrina Miller, CED


Awards & Benefits Committee: Lisa Hollars

Convention Committee: Jamie Garriott

County Office Advocacy Committee: VACANT

Emblems Committee:  Danette Oswald

Legislative Committee:  VACANT

Membership Committee:  Claire Larson

Programs Committee: Barb Ward

Publicity:  Lauren Shank

Scholarships:  Jennifer Blair

Webmaster:  Natasha Loesch