2019 Furlough Update from Stacy Helbert,  IASCOE President

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to put out a post to you all for an update. I have registered for unemployment but have trouble filing a potential claim using safari but will try another browser. I have also read that it could take up to three weeks or more to get your unemployment insurance claim payment. As my husband and I are both on furlough, we are also looking into loans as well through banks and credit unions (that are potentially offering low or no interest loans to employees on furlough). We did find that it was publicized that USAA was offering these loans, as members we called to inquire and they are only for coast guard employees at this time. I just wanted to keep you up to date and inform you of other avenues that we are looking into that you may want to look at should you have the need. Talk to your bank or credit union and see what they are offering. From what I have been hearing, I don’t know if we will get that one week of payment anytime soon.

Also, I wanted to remind you all that deadline to apply for scholarships is January 15th.

Please do not hesitate to post here, private message me, or email me at iascoein@gmail.com should you need anything from answers to questions or just someone to talk to.

Stacy Helbert
IASCOE President